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 Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015.


 We inform you that we will be closed for holidays from December 24th to January 6th.
During this period the telephone technical support will be suspended, for the activation request or other requests you can contact us via email .


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Preview connections

Maybe not all know that it is possible to have a preview during insertion conncetion in TecnoMETAL 4D , this command is avaiable form release 2010, it is not a new features.

This brief example explains how to perform this preview.

I insert a connection between 02 profile, I choose HEA profiles and a simple connection, but this command is avaiable for all connection in “Connections”.


Select one form database, but you can insert manually al data.


Press on APPLY to view the connection in the model, entry screen unions turns off momentarily to allow better visualization of the model and returns immediately activated to allow me to make other changes.

He decides to change a very visible part of the union, I move in the “Stiffeners beam” and modify this value to 700


Press on APPLY and the connections is updated with the change I just ran, if the connection is now completed with OK and confirm the entry window closes automatically, if I want to further modify the connection inserted continuously changing parameters repeating the operation until it is needed.


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Export to SmartPlant® 3D or PDMS-Aveva®

TecnoMETAL 4D allows you to export 3d model with all information directly in  SmartPlant 3D or PDMS-Aveva.

This function is avaiable in TecnoMETAL for several years and is primarily used by those who have realized steel structures for petrochemical plants and oil & gas.

I have already drawn to the 3D structure, to have marked and have also shown the different types of welds inserted, also with marking of the welds.

I need to export the model in STP format for SmartPlant 3D or SDNF for PDMS-Aveva, so I need to do:

From the Tools menu select IMPORT / EXPORT


In the next window opens various possibilities of export/import


Select IFC/STP


Confirm the file you want to extract STP (CIS/2) and select the elements to be extracted, click OK to confirm. In the work folder (extension S&G) will generate a file with STP.

To export SDNF select SDNF export.

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Edit holes automatically

In TecnoMETAL it is possible fomr 2012 change automatically the dimensions holes directly from CAM files.

In TecnoMETAL integrated environment you can find in UTILITY , this command is active with TecnoMETAL 2D, TecnoMETAL 4D, TecnoMETAL Solution, TecnoMETAL Standard, TecnoMETAL Premium Design, TecnoMETAL Ultimate.

Select “Increase diameter holes in the files CAM



Opens the following screen


Indicate the directory for input and output files CAM, will appear automatically the diameters of the holes in the drawing, then double-click the box New diameter enter the new diameter, can be performed for various diameters.

Press “OK” to confirm.

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ALUFER S.A. Estruturas Metálicas – TecnoMETAL Champion



A ALUFER, fundada em 1962, é hoje uma das principais empresas do setor de edificações metálicas do país.

Alufer com esto projeto ganhou o campeão TecnoMETAL, criando o maior projeto feito com TecnoMETAL, como a quantidade de itens esto projecto tem 107399 elementos.

107399_alufer 107399_detail

Se você acha que tem um projeto com mais elementos envia todos os detalle para


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This building weighs approximately 3,500 full after all secondary structures mounted. The same has the dimension of 32,5m x height of 45,54m and 160,0m. Structure models in TecnoMETAL 4D. Were involved in the 1st model of step 4 people and after extraction (2D) 4 other people. The building will be used for the assembly and maintenance of marine equipment. Is in the final stages of assembly.

3d Model



General Arrangement



Shop Drawing


Some yard picture



Marau, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

telefone: 55 (54) 3342 5682


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Install TecnoMETAL, TecnoCAM or ArTeN A4D rel 2015

In this section we explain how to install the TecnoMETAL, TecnoCAM or ArTeN A4D rel. 2015.

Install in a new pc to reinstall after pc format.

Download the file TecnoMETAL, TecnoCAM or ArTeN A4D from our website, if you use google crome or firefox it is possible that appear this message “downloading is potentially danger for PC”, don’t worry, we are giving you nothing dangerous, it is an .EXE file, it is for this reason that this notice appears, save and continue download process.

After downloading the application run it and proceed with the install all the necessary components:

  • TecnoMETAL: TecnoMETAL 1 + TecnoMETAL 2 + TecnoMETAL 3 (download and install XFINESTSG only if you need TecnoMETAL PREMIUM ANALYSIS or ULTIMATE)
  • TecnoCAM: Library + TecnoPLOT + TecnoCAM + TecnoCAM UNLOAD (only if you need TecnoCAM ULTIMATE); Attention: TecnoCAM PREMIUM and ULTIMATE need MySql, you can download frre directly form mysql website
  • ArTeN A4D: ArTeN A4D 1/2 + ArTeN A4D 2/2

After installation appears on the desktop one “lock” icon, connect the hardlock to the PC (in the case of TecnoMETAL and TecnoCAM) and proceed to request the activation code (wait until Windows has recognized the protective device), for ArTeN A4D you have 30 days of time to request the activation code, after which it is no longer possible to activate the software, do not wait until the last minute to request activation.

Update software, download the exe file from our website, before run the application it is important made a bakup of your database and template.

It is possible to ask a new activation code after updating process.

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